Advisory Services

Darfin Finance’s Advisory Services is predicated on these four pillars – EXPERTISE, LEADERSHIP, STRATEGIC THINKING and INTEGRITY

    * EXPERTISE: Darfin Finance has the Expertise and knowledge to help              you build a plan. A complete plan gives you confidence that you are taking          the right steps to reach your goals – and keeps you on track when financial          markets are down\up or the unexpected happens

    * LEADERSHIP: With all our competing priorities, it is easy to get off                  track unless we have a Focused Leadership – leading the way to ensure                that our money is working as hard as possible and one that clearly                        outlines how close we are to reaching the goals that matter to us.

    * STRATEGIC THINKING: Darfin Finance will work with you to                         recommend the right mix of solutions to meet your needs.
Your Corporate plan will be adapted to support your needs today –                         Creating value for Shareholders, Future Business Expansions and Business         Processes Re-Engineering.

    * INTEGRITY: Planing for your future is an ongoing process. Research on         the value of advice shows that customers who work with a financial expert         have a greater feeling of confidence about being better off financially than           if they manage their money on their own.
We will make sure you always have access to appropriate advice and                     solutions from the professionals at Darfin Finance.

We do;
                *   Business Finance Advice
                *   Business Plan Advice
                *   Personal Financial Advice
                *   Retirement Plan Advice